To organize a Series in keeping with FIMs move to Continental Championships of benefit to Asian Riders, Promotors and Nations.

To provide an open event concept to encourage entries from other regions thus giving Asian Riders more competition and promoters more marketable events, but structured always to protect Asian awards for Asian Riders only.

To organize media exposure to a Global audience with event programs structures to include Cultural, Tourism and other aspects of each participating host Country with obvious benefits at National and Multinational business and Government level.

To seek opportunities for Asian Riders to compete in other region's sanctioned Championships and ultimately to World Championship events.


The objectives of the FIM Asian Motocross Championship are as follows:

  1. To enhance and develop the event for the Asian CONU in Motocross and Enduro discipline and to have events that achieves coordination and popularity among the different host organizers and the FMN.
  2. To develop the Asian talent and to use the FIM Asian Motocross Championship as a stepping stone to the FIM Motocross World Championship Series and the FIM Enduro Championship events.
  3. To maximize the promotional values of the sport and to use the championship as a vehicle to promote closer ties for future events in the Asian region amongst the different FMN countries involved in the FIM and UAM. To discover new countries willing to host the Championship and to develop the sport locally.
  4. To formulate Asia�s own CONU rules and regulations to suit the conditions in Asia and to develop the Asian Racing license, valid in the CONU for Asia.
  5. To organize an inter-continental CONU event, in line with FIM policies.
  6. To have motocross schools in all countries where the FIM Asian Motocross Championship Series is held

Over the years, the FIM Asian Motocross Championship Series has achieved the following :

  1. Motocross and Supercross events has the highest level of thrills and spills that appeals to a wide range of spectators (35,000 spectators in some events) and sponsors. Over the past racing season, the FIM Asian Motocross Championship Series was globally broadcast to over 1.7 billion audiences through Star TV and ESPN.
  2. The FIM Asian Motocross Championship Series has a complete cast of contracted riders made up of national champions from selected Asian countries.
  3. Numerous motocross racing schools and clinics has been established and will continue to be established to hone the skills and expertise of Asian riders


As described in the Championship, this Series is an open Championship principally for the benefit of Asian Competitors, however it presents enormous opportunities for organizations seeking exposure to a Global audience of over 490,000,000 homes.

The Series had its beginning as the Pan Pacific Motocross Championship, later to become the Asia Pacific Championship which was a successful and popular Series which ran for many years up to 1998. At that time, following World Economic and Political trends, the Motorcycle Sporting World was divided into six Continental Unions, Africa, North America, Europe, Oceania, Latin America and our very own Asia.

The Asia Continental Union embraces the area from Philippines across to Kuwait and from Mongolia down to Indonesia - this large land mass includes the Worlds two most populated Countries, China and India, both with booming economies.

Motocross with its more spectacular associate Supercross, is one of the most demanding physical sports in the World. It is exciting to watch and its participants can only be described as super fit young athletes.

Although primarily a Motorcycle Sporting Event, the concept of the AMSC provides an exciting marketing platform for a host of Commercial possibilities to a World audience.

From a National Viewpoint, the Tourism aspect can be exploited by including excerpts of Country's resorts in the global media coverage. This may evolved from Government or Private sector level.

For Entrants, be it a Team or Sponsor, there is now a specific award as well as increased media coverage though allocation of prime area exposure on official Team Bikes.

For the Organizers who arrange and host each Round, there is a unique award actually judged by the Riders themselves at each event.

Personnel from the contracted Promoter, Xtreme Worx are on hand to further assist and go through the opportunities available to hosting a Round in tour Country, and if required, can arrange various additional attractions including Freestyle MX Riders and other ancillary entertainment.

AMSC is authorized by the World Motorcycling body FIM and the Series is professionally administered and complies with the specified Rider Licensing and other stipulations of the FIM.

The AMSC is unique in that it offers two races for both Championships at each Round. Many other major Motocross and Supercross only feature the one race so a Round of the AMSC in your Country is double value for you, plus alleviates the chance of a popular Rider being eliminated through a minor incident and justifies the overheads of bringing these overseas Riders.

Not to be over looked is the Junior Category. Xtreme Worx first put together the Senior Championship catering for 125cc machines with Rider aged from 15yrs and now they are proud to include another Championship at qualifying Rounds and this one is for Junior Riders aged from 12yrs to under 15yrs and these little fellows race on the smaller 85cc machines. Both Championships in their own right, but an entirely different spectacle for the audience as they thrill at the skill of the stars of the future.

All entertainment is more appealing when there is local content and at each Round, Extreme Worx encourages entries from the host Country. Spectators always want the hometown hero to win. How will your Champion rate against Asia's best?

Contact Extreme Worx to discuss a package for your Country. ( )

FIM Asian Motocross / Supercross Championships

Total Global Telecast figures is at 494 million households with replay's (2) not counted on ESPN, Star TV and other global international networks. Telecast is post event. Please find below for listed countries of coverage of our telecast.

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