Press Release: 16.05.06: "TURBO" Complete 2006 European Training Plan

May 17th, 2006

Arnon "TURBO" Theplib growing up to the next step to the world challenge after complete the second time training in Holland.

The world challenge planning for young Thai MX racer started from 2005 which the aims to competition in World Junior MX Championship in Czech Rep.We sending him to Valencia , Spain for 2 weeks training course of Everts MX School in January.

Also 2006 planning our aims still to World Junior Championship in Finland that "TURBO" can race before complete 18 year old in September. For this year we will be in Holland training with Jan Postema MX School because we have to training for the sand track as Vantaa (Finland track) be.

We arrived Amsterdam in 5th May and then go to Assen for meet Jan Postema.The first challenge is to participate in European Junior Championship Round 2 at Gemert on 6-7 May.

The track "Wolfsbosch circuit" is completely 1,754 meters sand track with many ditch can be 2-3 feet depth after running in 5 minute.It’s very difficult and is the hard time for 
"TURBO".The first time race in the sand with out training. He did 9 second behide the leader in group A and raking on 20th position.20 min + 2 lap The “race” qualifying for first 15 riders in each group.

"TURBO". did not good started.He follow in the middle group,first lap on the 15th position and passed to 14th in a next lap.But is not easy "TURBO". fall down in the 4th lap and chance go away.He finished on 21th position and have to "Last chance" timing qualify.

The timing qualify,the first best 12 possition be going to the final. "TURBO" have no choice.He has to reach a chance with the hardest riding.He did the best laptime in 11th position 3 second behide the first.

The first Moto 20 min + 2 lap,he has unlucky when another riders crash and fall down in the front after only 5 meters from the gate. "TURBO" going from the back and finished on 32th position.

The second Moto 20 min + 2 lap,anything still dosen’t should be. "TURBO" fall down 2 times and retired.

The third Moto 20 min + 2 lap,track condition to be more difficult. "TURBO" going on the 13th position in 4 laps and 2 time fall down then finished on 28 position.Combined all 3 Moto "TURBO" get the hardest race result on 34 position.

After the race "TURBO" have training course with Jan Postema MX school for 2 weeks.Training has 3 potentials.One is physical training in JP Fitness Studio everyday.Second is outdoor physical and mentality training (No riding the MX bike).And finally is the MX riding training 3 times per week in the 4 tracks difference.

And also on the 13th May.We go to race in the "St.Isidorushoeve Club Race" at the "T'Kotterbos circuit".

60 riders in the international MX-2 class will be pushed hard in the sand track 1,500 meter lengths. "TURBO" in the group A for race qualifying.The first 15 riders will go to the final.

After a week training "TURBO" has the first step, "How to" riding in the sand track.He did a good started and place on the third position.The leading group has 5 hardest riders and finally "TURBO" finished on the third.

The race has only one Moto. "TURBO" started in the leading group and fighting on the fast sand track. He did quiet good whole the race and finished on the 4th position.

There after, "TURBO" still training in a week with the 3 potentials but harder.More duration physical training,more aggressive mentality for riding and training on the bike with simulate 2 Moto 20 Minute per day.

"TURBO" get more experience in European system and also the European track , Riders and Style.But the important is the training to how to riding with the 100% whole the race.How to go fast in the sand.What's the necessary for the real motocross.And exactly,the mentality that “how to” win.

Next race of Arnon "TURBO" Theplib will be:
TOPGEAR Supercross Master of Thailand Round 5: Phuket ,Thailand 10-11 June
TOPGEAR Supercross Master of Thailand Round 6: TLC SX Track ,Thailand 8-9 July
FIM-UAM Asian Motocross Championship Round 3: Jakata , Indonesia 22-23 July

Note: The Round 3 of the FIM Asian Supercross Championships scheduled for July 23, 2006 in Jakarta is cancelled. The next Round 3 shall be in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 6, 2006 For your guidance.














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