2008 FIM Asia Supercross Championships Goes To Iran Round 2

June 22nd, 2008

Hosted by the Motorcycle & Automobile Federation of Iran ( MAFIRI ) and promoted by Xtreme Worx, and affiliate of the FIM ( Federation International de Motocyclisme ) the Asian Sueprcross Championships shall head towards west Asia for the Round 2 of the FIM Asian Supercross Championships Asian tour.

Delegates from Iran, UAE, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, India, Sri Lanka and Australia shall be seeing action in the two moto section of 20 minutes plus 2 laps main event. The purposely built Supercross Circuit is a permanent facility inaugurated in this race and to be located at the Kaveh Industrial Park Zone, is complete of international standards with air conditioned offices, pit areas, grandstand with air condition being approved with international standards for Asian Continental Championships events passing all safety requirements by the UAM Motocross Commission after this recent inspection.

We are happy Iran hold host to this Continental Championships events and exploiting its promotions in our global television package that shall be coupled for the event. Iran has not hosted and international motorcycle event in the past 40 years and with this we are happy that they have welcomed our motocross sports for future growth of other riders locally and to be the leader in eh catalyst fro future growth in the middle east region. Indonesian MX Champions Iwan Hermewan & Alex Wiguna shall see action , also Kenneth San Andres of the Philippines, Ganod and Khalionbold for Mongolia, Veer Patel and MC Santosh for India and Gayan Sundarawan for Sri Lanka, Shi Le for China and Tycho Leske fro Germany, all of these personalities are hot sots in all their national motocross events.


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